Syd Meade

Now that Neil Blomkamp’s Elysium is in cinemas it seems a good time to feature the work of one of our favourite graphic heroes… the inimitable Syd Meade. In the 1970′s Meade was an industrial designer for corporations such as Ford and Phillips. His graphic style a perfect amalgam of space age futurism, advanced technology and architectural utopianism. His talents attracted futuristic minded film directors like Ridley Scott, Gene Roddenberry and James Cameron. Syd ended up creating the visual language of Blade Runner, Aliens, Tron and Now Elysium (but not Rollerball which looks incredibly Meade-like). What makes his work so powerful is his industrial design training which adds a refreshing blast of realism to the machines, buildings and vehicles he created.They really look like they could work.