Shop The Look



When considering how to maximise online customer experience it is always important to consider historical lessons learnt from bricks and mortar retailing. In-store atmospherics and visual merchandising has been considered and improved year on year, with city flagship stores continually pushing boundaries.  Taking this emotive, multi sensory experience online has always been a challenge, especially when working with the Magento platform. Many online stores still reflect the catalogue style shopping experience, letting technology lead, but often forget key instore lessons learnt about consumer engagement.

Our tension when crafting sites is to keep these retail lessons front of mind and incorporate digital advancements while not twisting Magento out of shape (and annoying our developers).This consideration took place when discussing bricks and mortar outfit building and up selling. Typical list page formats and filters do not allow for this style shopping journey, where a look is compiled and easy to purchase. We needed to re-think this in a way that worked with, not against, Magento.

Here are some of our approaches:

For Elias & Grace we created a non-list page user journey that attracts through the excellent imagery of the look-book. Each of these images leads to a bespoke multi-product detail page which offers a choice of products to “get the look”. In a sector like children’s clothing where mothers are browsing with little time on their hands, the ability to see 5 or 6 products together is very valuable.




For Chinti & Parker, where transactions are predominantly self-purchase, the consumer impulse is less about getting the look and more about selling through strong lifestyle image. Therefore, in this instance we used intelligent overlays on each image to direct the user to featured individual products. It’s all about creating the right journey for each brand and its particular consumers needs.




Creating ‘look’ based shopping journeys alongside conventional shopping paths has allowed our client’s brand languages to speak out more clearly. It has made for straight forward and highly commercial up-selling and hopefully has made a further step towards increasing consumer experience on the Magento platform.