Nick Hussey, cycling obsessive, launched Vulpine in 2012 to offer fashionable, technical and wearable clothing to the urban rider market. Clothes you feel comfortable both riding and socialising in. It’s a great idea, and our new site aims to support that lifestyle concept in the most attractive and imaginative way whilst also delivering smooth, easy and engaging shop-ability.To help our brands, we have created a powerful and easy to use CMS tool “Better CMS” that gives the retailer far more creative control over the visual and responsive presentation of the site than is normally possible with standard Magento. We’ve built flexible data sliders for list page attribute filters, used large, powerful responsive imagery, in-page anchored navigation and other sophisticated front end techniques. All these create a truly engaging brand and shopping experience that works with all the smooth sophistication you’d expect from a high quality cycling brand. We’ve also added an integrated WordPress blog, bespoke styled to match the site which allows the native power of both Magento for eCommerce and WordPress for publishing to work side by side – in perfect harmony!

Creating a successful eCommerce site is about balancing brand appeal, engaging shopping journeys, technical construction and good project planning. But it is also about much more… its about creating a certain kind of magic that draws-in people to engage, trust and build long-lasting relationships. Vulpine has that sort of brand-appeal – and we feel we’ve given them the perfect vehicle to present it with this new Magento site.