New & Lingwood

From the start we loved the heritage of this brand. Originally an Eton scholars outfitter, the business has since developed an international reputation, serving a clientele of “gentlemen of refinement and quiet good taste” from across the globe. In particular, New & Lingwood has managed to embody the quirky eccentricity of the English gentleman through the boldness of its designs and the traditional quality of the construction of its garments. We aimed to reflect this eccentric quality in the design and construction of their new online store. A bespoke tailer deserves a bespoke site, after all.

Our ability to twist and reshape the standard Magento e-commerce platform to match individual brands is one of our strengths. Quirky, sartorial elegance, combined with state of the art usability make for a 21st century store to power this most traditional of businesses long into the future.