Faction Skis

Faction, a new breed of skiwear manufacturer, create the highest quality designer ski’s and Apparel. Quality, craftsmanship and ethical production underpin all they do.  At Lewis we understood the importance of this ethos and worked closely with the brand to create an immersive and fully responsive new Faction Skis site.

The new Faction Skis site features rich video and blog content illustrating the amazing skills and performance of its Ski Ambassadors. We created variable product page layouts to best suit long skis and more standard skiwear shapes.  Beautifully detailed product design pages, list page roll overs and detailed graphics of all the technical aspects of Skis illustrate the site.

As usual, we put the product, its images, and its benefits at the heart of our design process. Incorporating them into the new website to create an engaging, responsive shopping journey for every user.