Lewis eCommerce New Services


If I ask myself what am I looking forward to most (in a business sense) in the coming year, the answer is about Lewis eCommerce new services. What I want to see is the further growth of our two newer business arms – digital marketing and content creation – and the continued holistic integration of these skill-sets into the total workflow process of the agency.

Becoming a full end-to-end agency incorporating the complimentary skills of design, build, content, marketing and support provides rich opportunities to benefit our clients. In our markets people buy what they like – so they have to like what they see. This means photography, video and art direction must be strong and support site design. Copy must underline the general brand proposition as well as providing reassurance and information for the consumer and SEO juice for Google.

And having a fabulous-looking site with exciting products beautifully presented in a superb and engaging shopping journey is pretty meaningless if no-one actually finds and visits it. Many of the newer e-tailers simply don’t understand the investment required in digital marketing to generate strong sales. However, if done properly, the right digital marketing program matching a clients general trading and marketing strategy will deliver powerful results.

It is the organising and implementation of these complimentary services and the accumulative benefits their interplay will bring to our clients business success that most excites me as I look forward to 2016.

Hope you Have a great year too!

Paul Lewis