The Man Who Fell To Earth


The Man Who Fell To Earth, Nic Roeg’s classic movie of the Walter Tevis sci-fi novel starring David Bowie is back in the cinema. It is currently showing at the BFI before moving onto general limited release. Bowie is simultaneously fragile, weird, beautiful and mesmerising in his portrayal of the alien Thomas Jerome Newton who visits to Earth to find a way of saving his family who are stranded on a parched, waterless world. He fails in his mission and never leaves Earth again, succumbing instead to alcohol addiction, romantic distraction and official paranoia. It was Bowie’s only truly brilliant acting role because it so closely matched his own other-worldly personality. If you haven’t already, go see it in its renewed glory and experience firsthand the strange fascinating and unsettling atmosphere Nic Roeg conjures up so brilliantly.