Sketch – The future for ecommerce designers?


Lewis has built its reputation on great design and UX for eCommerce. We employ expert graphic and UX designers to to conceive of and visualise design before they are handed to developers to build. But one of the most frustrating parts of designing a website is that a flat JPEG doesn’t always bring a responsive web concept to life for a client. For example, showing that content under a responsive main banner is still visible at any browser size isn’t easy because the jpg will not behave the way code does. Clients just have to take our word that it will work. We can show them other sites as examples, but its not the same.
Sketch offers a simple solution for graphic designers so they can now present interactive and fluid responsive concepts as prototypes which offer a much more accurate representation of how the site will look across browsers. This will speed up the creative and approval process significantly and facilitates a more agile approach.

• Automatic responsive resizing (with auto layout plug in)
• Easy to edit global styling
• Quicker, intuitive system
• Clients can now interact with initial designs rather than designers relying on flat concepts and explaining actions and transitions.

• Currently unable to stack multiple elements in a row. So less effective for complicated content. However sure to be remedied soon.
• Still require photoshop for editing and finessing imagery and elements.
• Needs more exportable formats.