I like Spinning

Went to a great gig in an East London home last night put on by Rafe Offer’s “SOFAR’ (Songs from a room). These gigs, which showcase new and upcoming musical talent, are hosted in private houses around the world. This one was in Whitechapel.

“Like Spinning”, a waif-like Norwegian singer with an ethereal, crystalline voice, captured the attention of the room with her beautiful songs (link to new single “Forces” below) – as did the ambient electronica of “Memotone” (with corresponding stacks of digital equipment).

Indeed, it was refreshing to hear synthesised crossover sounds emanating from SOFAR’s predominantly acoustic based roster. As brilliant as the folk revival has been, I am certainly ready to embrace this new variety it’s also serving up.

Listen to “Like Spinning’s” new single “Forces”

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