Bowies Gift

Bowie’s new single “Where Are We Now?, his first in 10 years, was launched yesterday, without fanfare, on his 66th birthday. Once again, the master media manipulator has wrong-footed us all. He hadn’t retired, as we all suspected – it seems he has just been enjoying life and, perhaps, biding his time until meaningful work had been created and was ready to be released.

The single is a nostalgic, elegiac and mournful reflection on his time in Berlin in the late 1970′s when he lived there with Iggy Pop. There is a wistful, melancholic yearning quality about it. Rather sad and rather beautiful. He seems frail and vulnerable in the video, but I hope this is simply a reflection of the songs artistic and philosophical subject matter, rather than his physical state of health (as some have suggested). Either way, it augers well for the forthcoming album. Happy Birthday David, and thanks for the gift. Hear the new single.

PS. Jonathan Barnbrook, who designed the intriguing new album cover (based on the original Heroes album cover art) offers some fascinating insights into the creative process behind its inception here