Blitz Bikers

Browsing Mr. Porter today, I noticed a feature on a Parisian custom bike shop, Blitz Motorcycles. I’m a biker too, so I checked their site out and found these beautiful shots of their workshop, bikes and themselves taken by Vogue Homme, but subsequently not used. Great style. The type of earthy, vintage, mechanical nostalgia that is part of the Blitz aesthetic, reminds me of the recent revival of acoustic folk music – something of a reaction to over-controlled, slick, corporate sponsored society.

The Blitz workshop, and the custom bike scene in general, rejects standard, mass produced factory output. It prefers to craft its own individualistic motorcycles from any mix of parts, both old and new, that it chooses. It creates unique, personalised and characterful machines that are really works of art. It’s an approach to work and life that we here at “Lewis” both empathise with, and celebrate.

I don’t know who the photographer is, but these shots are great, the gritty subject matter, interesting use of shallow depth of field and the thoughtful contrast between the 1970′s type dystopian architectural exterior backgrounds and the the vintage rocker style work so well.

I’ve got to get me one of those Blitz -made bikes!

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