Audience With David Lynch


We were lucky enough to be sitting in at a video Skype call with the one and only David Lynch at The Photographers Gallery in Soho last week where he has an exhibition of his photos of abandoned factories, along with shots from William S Burroughs and Andy Warhol.

The medium of video conference creates a very intimate atmosphere, especially since Lynch was seated in what looked like a garden studio in his home replete with various bits of creative clutter around him. Always fascinating to see into the personal lives and environment of creative people you admire.The 40 or 50 people in the room waited in anticipation for him to answer.. and then he might as well have been there.

Lynch has been photographing abandoned factories for years and has built up a sizeable collection of brooding shots. He is fascinated by the structural textures of the buildings, their atmosphere of sad abandoned emptiness and the sense of time passing. Anyone familiar with Lynch’s film noir aesthetic will recognise the themes.


Lynch himself is refreshingly devoid of artistic pretensions. Shooting entirely on film, he is not fixated by the technical details of camera used or printing technique. Instead he focuses on his rich creative vision – nurtured by over 40 years practice transcendental meditation (which he is obviously passionate about).

The exhibition is on till the end of March